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Cherry trees in bloom

It's been a bit of a chilly wet Spring so far but thankfully the low temperatures haven't stopped our lovely cherry trees bursting into bloom at Martinique House. It's a gorgeous sign of Spring that the team look forward to each year.

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Team visit to Chineham Buisness Park - a bit rainy!! Credit - Louise Eldridge

Basingstoke Road Trip

Spring is the time when we shake off the cosy repetition of winter and look for new ideas. Whenever we are looking for fresh thinking and inspiration we like to go on a bit of a road trip. Last month we hopped over to nearby Basingstoke to visit other inspirational co working sites and business parks.

Chineham Business Park was a definite inspiration for us, in particular the attention that they pay to nature and wildlife in the surrounding environs. The business park is also a biodiversity site which has a significant measurable impact on the surrounding flora and fauna and also health and wellbeing value for the humans working at the park too ??" a nice win win.  

The team could all see the benefit of bringing this approach back to SiGNAL @Martinique House and we are now planning our own biodiversity project.  We try to ask ourselves regularly what good our business brings to the community and local environment and this is one more way to make sure that SiGNAL has an ongoing positive impact. We hope that with a careful approach we can turn our outside spaces into something really special for our non paying outdoor tenants!

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Design ideas - we loved this retro diner co working booth! Credit - Louise Eldridge

We also visited nearby BizSpace which has these very eye catching co working booths! We think they look great. What are your thoughts - would this look great at SIGNAL?!

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All in a day's work at SiGNAL - credit Gareth Turner

Its not all glamour behind the scenes here at SiGNAL !! Spring also means spring cleaning and this month the team have been busy freshening up one or two areas with a lick of paint. It's all in a day's work although right now as the offices are all full we have to squeeze these mini makeovers into tiny windows between tenants which can be a challenge. This time given the short window we've stuck with plain white walls - perhaps next time we'll roll out the retro diner wall paper, and throw in a juke box. Who knows?!

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The BiZHUB audience in March - credit Gareth Turner

Every month we get the community together for business inspiration and networking fun and games. In March we welcomed Martin Traynor OBE as our keynote speaker talking about his role in Cabinet office representing SMEs to parliament. Martin spoke about the practicalities of applying for Government tenders and it was great to be able to ask Martin questions about the process and also it was a great opportunity to showcase everything we do for SMEs here in Bordon directly to Cabinet Office in this way .

The next BiZHUB event is this Friday April 28th and it's a special one!! We hope you can make it....

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Its our birthday! Credit Rob Fryer

Please do join us this Friday to celebrate the last 5 years of SiGNAL in the traditional way with a mini rave and shots of energy drinks! ! What better way to supercharge your Friday morning. We've got a great line up of business speakers as usual and of course there will be a fantastic crowd of business owners to mingle and jingle with.

I'm going to leave you with a tiny clip of the last mini rave we did. I think we can do even better next time!!

Enjoy and see you on Friday!

Emma x

PS if you'd like to know more about the last five years of SiGNAL you can read our special 5th birthday blog here