Over at neighbouring Chieftain House, four larger offices were leased to SiGNAL in April 2021.

Owned by social housing developers Abri, these units are all approximately 1000 square feet in size, light, modern and airy. At the heart of Chieftain House is the 1759 Café with its menu of barista-style coffees and homemade cakes and sandwiches.  

A number of parking permits are issued with each unit and there is plenty of extra parking available over the road at Martinique House.  

As with Martinique House and The Bungalows, all residents including co-workers are well looked after by the amazing SiGNAL Team. At SiGNAL we strongly encourage a sense of community with an inspiring programme of local events and social occasions.

To help everyone connect and collaborate we give all our residents a detailed profile on our website and connect all our customers online through WhatsApp and Facebook.  

Chieftain House Floor Plans

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