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Bordon Small Biz Networking

Yes you heard that right! Bordon now has it's very own Breakfast Networking Rave at SiGNAL. Back in July we hosted our first morning rave and it was such a success it's becoming a regular fixture. Once a month you can join us for music, glowsticks and dancing from 8:30am.

Book here if you want to Wake Up, Network and Rave!

Why should you come to a breakfast networking rave?

Our first morning rave was a bit of an experiment. We wanted to mix up our monthly networking session here in Bordon and do something different. Previously we've explored speed networking, invited mindfulness coaches along to focus us, had business leaders give everyone a pep talk and stuck to the tried and tested formula of great coffee and chat.

This time we wanted to have some fun! Having heard about morning raves designed to energise and inspire people before they start the working day, we thought that would be a great fit for our local business community.

Of course, there were doubters. In fact, some of them (they will remain nameless) work at SiGNAL. Was this another hairbrained idea from Emma and Lou, or could we seriously pull this off?

The answer was a resounding - YES WE CAN! While some networking attendees were a little bewildered (we didn't get a chance to update the event listing before they turned up), everyone embraced the opportunity to start the day with a PAARRTTYYY.

On a more serious note there are good reasons to attend a breakfast networking rave. Here are just a few:

·       Exercise makes us feel good, releasing endorphins and giving us energy to face the day

·       Dancing makes us happy, why go to a boring gym class when you can get the same effect by dancing and the added benefit of having fun in the process?

·       Raving into the early hours is not compatible with running a business, getting up early to go to a rave is!

·       It's a great icebreaker, when you've spent half an hour on the dancefloor together it's easy to strike up a business conversation

·       Gets those creative ideas flowing. Dancing is a way to express yourself creatively, carry this over to your working day

·       Lightbulb moments on the dancefloor. You might surprise yourself when you let yourself go and maybe inspiration will strike!

·       Nurtures business relationships. Our mission is to build a vibrant business community, encourage collaboration and create supportive relationships. Raving is a great way to connect with people

·       Raving is also a great way to practice mindfulness, a really useful tool for any business owner to have. Be present at our next breakfast networking rave

·       Challenge your preconceived ideas and overcome inhibitions. By doing something that's out of your comfort zone in a safe and welcoming environment you can open up your mind to different ideas, which has a positive impact on your creativity in business

Based on feedback from our first morning rave, this format really works! So doubters amongst you, come along and try a different kind of business networking. We think you'll have a great time and will get the day off to a great start.