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The SiGNAL Reception and coworking at Martinique House is now closed but all our services are still very much OPEN for business!  

The team are working remotely but its business as usual for all our BiZHUB events - now renamed the Virtual BiZHUB  - and we're also working hard to support all the small businesses in and around Bordon with support, information, advice and most important of all, a sympathetic ear.  

I'm now in self isolation with my three children - two of whom are adults - in my Cornish cottage. Before anyone jumps at me I appreciate bringing the children here is a controversial decision but my main home is currently uninhabitable due to building works and I had nowhere else to quarantine with my 3 children. We are all in voluntary self isolation as a courtesy to the community here. 

It does feel amazing and very calming to be here as I have so many happy childhood memories. We are all a little bit squashed in for sure! But how lovely to spend so much uninterrupted time with my children  - I hope many of you are enjoying this unexpected silver lining too.  

Over the weekend I have had some lovely offers of practical help and support from SiGNAL BiZHUB members that are available to the wider community of small businesses in and around Whitehill and Bordon.  

Thanks so much to all those people who have spent the weekend wondering how they can help others!  

For a definitive list of all the help offered by small businesses for small businesses in and around Whitehill and Bordon click here >>> 

Please get in touch if you can offer support too - [email protected]

I've also been in touch with the Business Team at EHDC with some specific questions about the available grants and loans. They are coming back to me but have said that in the meantime they sent this:  

"Best place for info at the moment is:  

There are also links there to national guidance for businesses and employers. 

Anyone with queries and who wants to get in touch with us directly and/or to offer support should use the following email address: [email protected]

As you can appreciate the team are dealing with a huge number of queries from businesses and others offering support, so will do their very best to respond promptly. 

The government have issued new guidance to us over this weekend which we're reviewing and will be actioning/implementing/disseminating as soon as is practically possible. It is a top Council priority as you can imagine.? 

In the meantime the website I've referred you to will provide all the latest info and contact details. 

Hope that helps - please do share as appropriate." 

As well as our daily update here we are also going LIVE every day at midday on the Facebook Page we are taking it in turns so please do tune in to keep up with the SiGNAL team as we guide you through this crisis in our own inimitable way. See you on FB!!