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“Running a small business is easy” - said no one ever!

At SiGNAL, we know the highs of owning your own business can be accompanied by some pretty tough times but the most important thing is being able to learn, develop and grow - which is exactly what we’re here to help you do!

November is ‘Health is Wealth’ month at the SiGNAL BiZHUB and we’ve got two brilliant speakers to give you their professional advice on keeping your business, and yourselves, as healthy as possible.

Join us on 5th November for Beat Stress, Create Balance and Find more time with Mindset Coach, Cynthia Moore. Or come along to hear sustainability expert, Doug Johnson talk about how to create a healthy environment for your business

And to kick off ‘Health is Wealth’ month with a bang, we spoke to local wellness expert, Gemma Codd of Wellbeing by Gemma to hear her top tips for maintaining your mental wellbeing as a business owner. The following article is written in collaboration with Gemma.


For many business owners, our own health and wellness can fall to the wayside during busy periods, launches, or big changes to our business - but in fact, this is the time when we need our health the most.

It can often feel like introducing wellness practices has to involve a total lifestyle overhaul but there are simple and easy practices you can introduce into your day-to-day that can help you manage your stress, maintain your mental wellbeing and even be beneficial to your business - here are my top 5 for you to try!

1 - Get to know what affects your mood

This might sound simple but being aware of what affects your mood means you can make more informed choices about how you spend your time. For example, you might find that scrolling on social media first thing in the morning makes you feel stressed or sets your mind up for negative comparisons throughout the day.  Or you might discover that you’re actually more productive when you get up early, take regular breaks or when you switch up your location. Awareness is the first step to making positive changes to your lifestyle - figure out what works for you and run with it!

2 - Get outside!

It’s been proven time and time again that a little fresh air can go a long way when it comes to maintaining good mental health. So, whether you want to head out for a walk, a run, or even some yoga, the combination of endorphins from moving your body and oxytocin from being outside will give you the boost of energy you need and make sure you come back feeling refreshed and ready to get working!

3 -Spend some time on you

Taking care of yourself as a business owner is like taking care of your business itself. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be able to tell yourself when it’s time to take a break - not only will it help you feel like your life isn’t just about work, but it will also help you stay creative and excited about your business. Whatever it looks like for you, try to incorporate an activity you love into every day.

4 - Talk

As a solopreneur or small business owner, it can sometimes feel like you’re alone in your struggles - trust me you’re not! It really is true what they say; ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, so if you’re struggling with big business decisions or just can’t shake low motivation, why not check in with a fellow entrepreneur friend, catch up over a coffee or head out for a walk with someone you can chat to. Sometimes all it takes is a good natter!

5 - Get enough sleep

This is a big one! Sleep is so essential for both your mental and your physical wellbeing but so many of us are just not getting enough of it. Sleep is where we recover, rest, digest, and allow our brains time to reset. Setting yourself a good bedtime routine, and a consistent wake-up time is a great place to start. Try turning all screens off at least an hour before bed, reading a book, taking a bath, or practicing some gentle breathing and mindfulness work to help your body and mind to relax and slow down.

6 - Learn to manage your stress - easier said than done, right?

Stress plays a big part in our modern-day lives - add running a whole business on top of that and it can be overwhelming. The good news is that all the wellness practices we mentioned above can play into a cycle that helps you improve your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your business:

  • The more you’re aware of what affects your mood, the more likely you are to have a positive day.
  • The more you go outside and move your body, the better you feel - mentally and physically.
  • The more you prioritise self-care, the more you can give to your business.
  • The more you can talk about your struggles, the less overwhelming they become.
  • The more high-quality sleep you get, the better you’re able to deal with stressors - and so on and so on!

This month, we’d like you to try to introduce Gemma’s 5 everyday wellbeing practices into your routine and see what a difference it can make to your life and your business.

If you're ready to improve your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your business, come along to our event with guest speaker Cynthia Moore; Beat Stress, Create Balance And Find More Time

Come along on 5th November 9:30AM at the Bordon and Oakhanger Sports Club. Book your spot here!

This blog post is written in collaboration with Gemma Codd - huge thanks to her for her brilliant insight. You can discover Gemma’s services here or follow her on Instagram for your daily dose of wellness inspo, honest insights and feel-good posts!