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Are you a Marketer at heart?

Do you know what makes people tick?

How to hook them through effective messaging?

Well, this might just be for you! We are looking for a Marketing Manager to join our dynamic team to create and manage exciting digital marketing campaigns that engage our community and support our growing business.

Sounds like fun, right? We think so! But to give you a bit more of a flavour of what we do at SiGNAL, we’ve pulled together everything you might need to know ahead of your application…

Why us?
We know finding a job is as much about making sure you want to work there as it is about making sure your employer wants you. So, why us?

SiGNAL is on a mission to make Bordon the best place to run a small business, which means community is at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about supporting small, independent, local businesses around Bordon and giving them everything they need to grow and thrive.

From providing workspaces in multiple locations in Bordon, to our BiZHUB membership where we host bi-monthly events with business experts, and even our newly developed prosecco bar and local art shop at The Shed - we offer small businesses a space where they feel secure, supported, well-connected and able to grow.

Passionate about supporting small too? That’s what we like to hear…

Join a dynamic, connected, supportive team
The SiGNAL Team are all about playing to our strengths and supporting each other on our joint mission to help small businesses thrive. We are always looking to try something new and never shy away from an opportunity to connect with our community - the more creative the better!

As well as the role responsibilities, we’re looking for someone who can join our team, has enthusiasm for our mission, and can have a laugh too!

What’s involved?
We’re looking for someone who is as comfortable networking and attending meetings, as they are implementing an effective strategy and analysing social media analytics. We’re a growing business in an ever-changing environment so being up to date on the latest trends and understanding the needs of a complex business is a must.

Overall, we’re looking for someone who is passionate about small businesses, has a thorough understanding of our marketing needs, and is excited for this brilliant opportunity!

If you think this role is for you (or someone you know) email [email protected] for a full job description.