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Our Top 5 The SiGNAL 2020 Round-up

This year has been full of ups and downs for our local small business community and for the wider community of business owners across the world. 

Through it all, at SiGNAL we've done as much as we can to continue supporting small businesses in any way possible ??" from blog posts, to BiZHUB events, to our Facebook lives. We hope you've enjoyed them and perhaps found some useful information, some business tips and plenty of community support.  

So, to round up this eventful year, here's the SiGNAL 2020 Round-up ??" our top 5 blog posts, BiZHUB events and Facebook posts so you can reminisce or catch up on useful content you might've missed.  

Here's to all the lessons we've learnt in 2020 and to all the ones yet to learn in 2021!  



Top 5 Blog Posts  

The SiGNAL blog posts aim to give our local small businesses and the wider community the information and support they need. Unsurprisingly, the top 3 most popular blogs this year are all about the pandemic. Though we're sad that they had to be created in the first place, we're thrilled our blog posts have been able to support small businesses through such a challenging period.  


COVID-19: SiGNAL's update for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed

This blog post was all about providing small businesses with the information they needed to understand and manage the changing events of the pandemic. From preparing for lockdown, to information on the Business Loan Interruption Scheme, and the Bounce Back Scheme ??" this blog gave our community regular updates throughout the first half of 2020. 


Will you grab your chance to Bounce Back?


First written in May, then updated in November, this blog was all about the Government Bounce Back Scheme ??" the pros and cons, how to invest the money wisely, and other support schemes for small businesses or those who are self-employed.  


10 things small businesses should think about during a lockdown 

As we entered the first lockdown in March, many businesses were at a loss with what to do with their time. In this blog post, we recommended 10 ways small businesses could make and achieve short-term goals in the 90-day period. 

From finances, to planning and communication, these tips are great for any time of year but we hope it helped some small businesses stay active and productive through the lockdown.  


Exciting developments in the regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon

Thanks to Natalie and Christine from the Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company, this blog post gave our readers an update about the town development. 

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How to start a holistic therapy business

Whether it's Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy or Massage, this blog post explored 3 incredibly helpful tips for people wanting to start a Holistic Therapy Business in East Hampshire. Check it out! 



Top 5 BiZHUB Sessions  

Our BiZHUB sessions are all about giving small businesses the tips and tools they need to grow and thrive. Here's our top most-attended BiZHUB sessions from 2020, remember, members can access recordings of previous BiZHUB session in the member's area! 


Stop Selling Yourself Short! With Emma Selby and Jane Woodyer 

This session was all about helping you recognize if you're undervaluing your products or services and how to combat those feelings to help you build confidence, define a pricing strategy and deliver value to your customers.  

Members can take a look back at this session with our very own Emma Selby and past SiGNAL team member, Jane Woodyer, as a reminder to value your products or services in 2021. 


Understanding Google Ads with Karen Young 

Founder of Ethos Metrics, Karen Young, helped our BiZHUB members understand how Google Ads work and whether their small businesses could profit from them. 

Karen gave some great tips and tools for calculating a return on investment so if you're thinking of running ads in the New Year ??" have a look back at this session to see what Google Ads could do for your business! 


30 Leads in 30 Days with Richard Woods 

BBC Apprentice Finalist, award-winning lead generation expert and bestselling author, Richard Woods, taught our members how they can generate 30 leads in just 30 days without the use of complicated marketing funnels of a convoluted marketing strategy.  

Having developed a tried and tested formula for doing it yourself, Richard showed us how spending just 30 minutes a day can generate transformational leads. Want more leads in 2021? Have a look back at this amazing session! This was also our very first online BizHub session ??" seamless, I'm sure you'll agree! 


Is the Price Right? With Vanessa Lanham-Day 
In this session, Business Growth Mentor, Vanessa Lanham-Day talked us through how to develop a pricing strategy to build a sustainable business.  

Want to hit your revenue targets, have a steady pipeline of customers, a profitable business and cashflow? Re-watch this inspiring session to get your pricing right for 2021. Who can forget the memorable 'how much does a pair of ladies pants cost' moment?! 


Video Marketing & Live Streaming with Judith Quin 

Everyone seems to be using video to communicate with prospects and customers, but are you ready to put yourself in front of the camera?  

In this session, Public Speaking Coach and Vocal Confidence Specialist, Judith Quin of Your Whole Voice offered practical tips for communicating who our members are, what their business does, and how to successfully communicate with their customers.  

Feeling a bit camera shy? Look back at Judith's session for some expert advice on getting in front of the camera.  


 All these talks and many more are available in your BiZHUB Account Resources.


Top 5 Facebook Posts 


Gary's Live from Badgers Wood Surgery in Headley


With a reach of 23,000, Gary's Live from the Badgers Wood Surgery in Headley is in top position! Gary traveled over to deliver PPE headbands which had been printed by SiGNAL's Gareth for the NHS staff at the Badgers Wood Surgery. We were thrilled to be able to support our key workers with protective clothing! The online campaign, led by SiGNALbrought together a number of local businesses with 3D print capacity.  


Lou with a Signal 60-sec Live 

In second place, was this clip from moments before our most popular BiZHUB session of 2020 - Stop Selling Yourself Short! Lou shows us the bustling room at Martinique House (pre lockdown) and introduces Emma's upcoming session. 


Happy Birthday SiGNAL Workshop


Celebrating a year of the SiGNAL Workshop! In this video, SiGNAL's Emma Selby takes us through what the Workshop has offered local tradespeople and what the new venue will offer; a sand blasting room, spray booths, the latest cutting equipment and eventually a CNC machine. 


Gareth Introducing My Town Online

In this Facebook post, Gareth talks to us about the launch of My Town Online - a website designed to help local businesses find more customers and help local customers find a way to support small!  


Gareth with Don't make these common mistakes when live streaming or filming yourself on camera

Last, but certainly not least in our top 5 Facebook posts of 2020, is this masterpiece from Gareth. Featuring the top-notch acting skills of SiGNAL's Claire, Gareth takes our Facebook followers through the various worries we have when putting ourselves on camera and encourages our members to attend Judith Quin's Video Marketing & Live Streaming BiZHUB session ??" and clearly it worked because it was in the top 5!  


We hope you've enjoyed spending 2020 with SiGNAL ??" we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Check out our SiGNAL BiZHUB 2020 Showreel for more behind the scenes and snippets from our business building sessions throughout the year.