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SiGNAL rebrand

You may have noticed some new SiGNAL logos popping up on your social media feeds and other communications from us. As the business has grown and we've added new services, scaled back or consolidated others, and generally found our feet it's become clear that there are 4 core services we offer at SiGNAL.

These are:

SiGNAL Village: our resident businesses that use our coworking, flexible office space, desk hire, business mailbox services etc.

SiGNAL BiZHUB: our much loved and respected business training, support and community of local business owners who visit SiGNAL for our weekly Hub session.

SiGNAL Workshop: the only workspace of its kind outside of the M25 in the South East (we believe!), providing a permanent workspace for trades and craftspeople as well as pay-as-you-go workbench hire.

SiGNAL Storage: meeting demand for secure self-storage in the Whitehill & Bordon area, both for business users and individuals who need storage on a temporary or ongoing basis.

I felt it was time to give these core services their own identity as sub-brands of SiGNAL and asked the very talented Rob Fryer of PAW Design to develop the brand design. I'm sure you'll agree that he's done a fantastic job and the logos above are fab-u-lous.

You may question whether branding (or rebranding) is that important. I think it is. Until now we've been operating using a number of different names and logos which has caused confusion and also made managing all our different assets quite a challenge!

To many, SiGNAL was synonymous with the building we occupy - Martinique House - and our coworking space. Everything else that happened within our walls had different identities. Back in March when we opened the SiGNAL Workshop that began to change and the SiGNAL brand started to really mean something to people in Whitehill & Bordon.

However, one aspect of the business that appeared to exist independently was the Bordon Hub. Having been part of a network of business hubs - Farnham and Guildford - we continued to use that brand identity even though the Bordon Hub was very much part of SiGNAL's operations. Now that we're independent from the other Hubs - although still very much friends! - we're able to bring that brand into the SiGNAL 'stable' and build our vision and brand proposition in one place.

That's good news for many of you too! If you're following us on our numerous different social media channels and groups, we'll be consolidating these over the next few months so it'll be much easier to keep track of conversations and the information we share.

If you need support with your branding and logo design, Rob at PAW Design is your man! He's also resident in the SiGNAL Village and a member of the SiGNAL BiZHUB so you know where to come if you want to find him!

More details about Rob's branding services can be found here -