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Every month at the SiGNAL BiZHUB business meeting we have an update on the town centre regeneration of Whitehill and Bordon from the business owners perspective, looking at the relevant opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses of the rapidly evolving town that we all run businesses in.

This month, amidst the economic and political turmoil of yet another resignation from 10 Downing St it was Emma Selby, MD of SiGNAL who gave us her insights.

These are testing times for business owners  


The economy is shape-shifting and it's hard to know what it is we are looking at.  


The ones we normally look to for guidance and reassurance have pretty much left the building.  


For example, I follow the CBI very closely - just 3 weeks ago Tony Danker, chairman of CBI was endorsing the now infamous mini budget - rapid growth in the economy, he said, was the only way to cost the huge bill for the energy cap.


Many many people in business agreed with him. 


Then Last night Tony Danker was on Question Time saying Jeremy Hunt’s plan to raise taxes and cut spending was the right one. 


Hindsight is a marvelous thing. 


I don’t want to get into the weeds of politics.


I say this to make a point 


How on earth can we predict our immediate financial futures when the current PM, the ex-chancellor, and the Chair of the CBI couldn’t see it.  


I mean, even Martin Lewis is out of ideas?!? 


So what are we to do this winter?  


I've got two answers for you. 


Look inside. 

As business owners, we have to get comfortable with uncertainty. 

After all what business plan ever survived contact with reality?  

So the fact that we have no idea what’s coming shouldn’t really matter. 

We’ve been here before. 

High-interest rates, high inflation. 

We’ve always found ways to get through. 


Look around.  

At times like these, you really need to know that you are part of a supportive community like ours. 

We can help each other by using each other’s services and buying locally from small businesses. Let’s steer clear of Amazon this winter and get some local Christmas fairs in our diaries 

Never mind that the world around us is constantly buffeted by geopolitical disruption and incompetence in government. 


Focus on this 

We are living in a thriving town where Regeneration is creating exciting prospects for local businesses. 

Town centre construction work has started. You can see diggers! 

Morrisons will open at Easter 2024. Just 18 months from now. 


The Mess Hall will open shortly after in autumn 2024. 


You can see that new office space will soon be available at the Shed. Apologies for the noise by the way! Works are on track for completion in 6 weeks.


Let’s not forget all the housing that’s being built. - in fact, WBRC have sold out of stock and are bringing forward the next phases at Whitehill Chase, Woolmer Copse, and BOSC Village. 


YES winter is coming!


But there is a lot to be thankful for here in Whitehill and Bordon. This is a great community and we can all help each other to thrive through this coming winter and continue our mission to create the best place to run a business in Hampshire and even in the UK. 


I see so many positive initiatives coming together in this town. 


A great example is the newly launched Community Room and Community Pantry at the 1759 cafe - with its affordable food, free counselling, and clothes swaps. We’ll be talking more about initiatives like these next month  


Take a look at the pedestrian walkway that’s been dedicated to Bizhub member Brian Wood for his amazing work supporting veterans and remembering the fallen. 


These positive stories we make are so important at times like these. 


Forget the recession !! There’s so much positive stuff going on here and I expect you know plenty we don’t know. 


Which is why we want you to share your positive stories. 


And we think you deserve some great PR for your business too. 


So we’ve collaborated with the Herald to put on some events at The Shed ‘Meet the Herald’ the first one is on  

And there will be regular dates in 2023.  


Remember there is always strength in numbers.


Join our business community 


and don’t ever try to build your business alone. 


That’s it from me



Dated 20th October 2022. If you would like to hear more talks for business owners like this you can book our next meeting below