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The benefits of a business mailbox for your home office

When you work from home, giving your clients, suppliers, contractors and other work contacts your postal address can be problematic. You may not want people to know you work from home and your residential address is a dead giveaway. Or perhaps you spend a lot of time visiting clients, working from coworking spaces or juggling other commitments so you're not always available to receive deliveries.

That's when a business mailbox service can come into its own. Providing you with a professional address for your home business, and solving the problem of whether or not to share your home address with work related associates.

We recently launched a business mailbox service in Bordon and polled our users to find out what attracted them to this facility. Here's why they prefer a business mailbox address.

Business mailboxes - 7 benefits

1. Professional: 22 Beech Close, Bordon doesn't sound much like a business address and that might affect the way your customers view your business. While you may deliver a highly professional service from home, some people may question (unfairly) your capabilities and the resilience of your business.

2. Privacy: Not everyone wants their private residential address to be linked to their business. You might want to minimise the chance of a customer turning up unexpected on your doorstep, or unsolicited cold callers trying to flog B2B products.

3. Security: We all have stories to tell of deliveries being left on doorsteps or chucked over hedges, damaging products or leaving them open to theft. Many of our users have a business mailbox to avoid these scenarios so they know their packages are safe when they're not available to receive them in person.

4. Convenience: Waiting in for important deliveries is not always feasible when you're running your own business. Using a mailbox service means you can pick your post and packages up at your convenience, rather than having your day dictated by the delivery company.

5. No change of address: If you plan to move house within Whitehill & Bordon, or a move might be on the cards in the future, your business address can remain the same if you use a mailbox rather than your home address. This is advantageous if you have printed materials with a business address on, it can save you money as you won't need to update and reprint these assets.

6. Not a PO Box: A Post Office Box (PO Box) is another alternative but there are often situations where you cannot use a PO Box number for your business.

7. No wasted trips to check for mail: We email or text our users when they have mail so they only need to visit SiGNAL to collect it. With a PO Box there's no notification that you've got mail, you need to visit to check or use the Post Office's more expensive delivery service.