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Benefits of co-working 

The ability to work in your pyjamas should not be underestimated, however you have to be realistic when it comes to working from home and the number of potential downsides that it brings. Loneliness, lack of discipline and distraction, to name but a few. The dog needs entertaining, the dishes need doing, oh and the grass needs cutting and it’s not even 10am.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic many people have changed the way they work, but it’s important to find a reasonable balance. This is where co-working spaces come into play. 

So, what is a co-working space? In short, it’s a place where freelancers, business owners and the otherwise self-employed have the opportunity to come together in a shared, fully-equipped professional environment to work.  

If you’re considering moving away from that makeshift desk at home or the local coffee shop, we’ve pulled together some of the benefits of a shared office space, and even better than that ??" we have current availability right in the heart of Bordon. 


Networking opportunities 

Co-working spaces are populated with diverse businesses and freelancers working on different projects. In contrast to a private office or working from home, co-working spaces present the opportunity to casually meet other like-minded people in a professional setting. You get to meet individuals from a wide variety of industries, each with their own expertise and skill set. Casual introductions can lead to longer-term relationships and direct business opportunities or referrals.  

Lots of co-working spaces also run dedicated business networking, training events and socials. These opportunities can help make those initial introductions and you can really get to know the businesses you’re working alongside and discover how you can help each other. 


Along with the networking benefits of a co-working space, these environments provide you with great collaboration opportunities. By working in the same space as a wide range of other businesses and individuals you open yourself up to the possibility of working with experts in different fields. Collaborations could come in the form of trading services for a mutual benefit, working on a joint project, getting pro bono help from a new friend, or simply asking or being asked for advice. By working together within a community of like-minded professionals, you gain access to powerful resources that could be pivotal for your business.  

Reduced loneliness 

Let’s face it, working from home can be incredibly lonely. Just like a traditional office would, a co-working space helps to combat that loneliness by providing a social setting to work from. You automatically have a support network that will be around to have a chat with, and gain advice from. Just a quick conversation whilst you’re making a coffee or topping up your water can be just the break you need. Plus, what’s more motivating than working within a communal space of hard-working people having professional and thought-provoking conversations.   

Removing distractions 

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where that laundry pile, your meowing cat, and the annoying neighbour who wants a 30-minute chat every time you see them, are. Leaving the house and all the distractions behind lets you separate work life from home life. It really lets you put your sole focus into the job at hand. The interruptions at home can prevent you from having a structured working day. A co-working space can give your month, week, or even day a set schedule by booking allocated time slots or set days which fit around you and your life.  

Looking professional 

Clients like to know that they are working with a living, breathing human being. One who is professional, trustworthy and will deliver on time to a high standard. Shock - this might mean they want to see you face to face. Meeting your client in a conference room at a shared working office looks far more professional than your home or in a coffee shop. You will also benefit from being able to put the shared office address on your business cards and website. Therefore, you won’t be giving away your home address to everyone on the internet. 


Freelancers and business owners who stay confined to the same four walls for both their home and work life miss out on such great opportunities. Moving away from your spare room to a co-working space makes you feel more vibrant and inspired. I guarantee you will be more motivated by surrounding yourself with passionate professionals who are all dedicated to working productively.  


SiGNAL offers a selection of options available on a flexible basis. This is the ideal office space for those in the Bordon, Whitehill and surrounding area who are ready to take the next step in their professional freelancing ventures.  To arrange a virtual viewing, or to find out more, get in touch with our team today - we're ready to help your business grow.