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Google My Business first came onto the scene back in 2014 and is arguably one of the most important digital resources a local business could ask for.

As ever with Google, the design and usability mean it’s as beneficial for a large corporation, as it is for an independent freelancer or local business owner.

A free asset and answer to SEO is hard to come by, but with Google My Business (GMB), Google have introduced several methods to display key information to help customers find you, and the importance Google places on GMB means it’s gold dust when it comes to your internet presence, organic SEO and overall ‘searchability’.

Customers are accustomed to seeing the GMB results with an organic search, particularly when, either directly searching for your business or searching for a local business to satisfy their needs, which means it’s no longer optional, but essential for any business owner.

The ease of editing and presenting data such as opening hours, has meant GMB has been more beneficial than ever for customers in the last 2 years; when businesses have been forced to close, change their operation and, thankfully, reopen.

We all use Google on a daily basis. It’s where you are likely to go for the information you need, so of course it’s where your customers are looking too - you don’t need us to tell you that!

So, why are we telling you about Google My Business?

Firstly, a good GMB listing will improve your local SEO ranking, there is no question about that. But, arguably more importantly, a good GMB listing will provide a positive user experience for prospective customers. 

The first impression on the right-hand side means it’s instantly visible for users and, more so, by using the Google Maps integration, they can instantly find your physical location should they want to ‘drop by’.

93% of customers read online reviews*

Reviews are a big part of GMB’s offering, they are easily visible to prospective customers. It’s a great way for your loyal customer base, suppliers and contacts to recommend you. GMB can also generate a link so you can easily add this to your invoice email, your email footer or more, to request reviews. But what’s important is that you respond to the reviews - Google appreciates this interaction and responds favourably when it comes to organic SEO.

What to do if your business doesn’t have a physical premises

The simple answer, you should still have a GMB presence as it provides a method of communication. If you don’t work from an office, there are options such as SiGNAL’s mailbox service to allow you to display an alternative address to avoid everyone knowing where you live!

How to create/edit your GMB profile

You have two options, the first is to use Vision Marketing’s GMB service. With prices from £150 on our SiGNAL offer, Vision Marketing can ensure you’re all set up and looking professional, along with providing guidance and assistance when it comes to keeping it up to date. Find out more, here.

Alternatively, you can get started, here.

*Source: Qualtrics - Oct 2020