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Over the course of this unprecedented year that Covid 19 has thrust us all into, the importance of having a dedicated workspace has been highlighted time and time again.

Freelancing offers flexibility and freedom when it comes to where you work.

This leads to the initial question of "where do I want to set up my own personal work space"? After the year we have all experienced, spending time within the same four walls, 24 hours, 7 days a week is definitely something most of us are keen to move away from when it is safe to do so… but renting an office space brings so much more to your business and wellbeing than just freedom.

Of course, the benefits of working from home are arguable, and for many, it is a no brainer, if you have the space and the facilities to do so, a home office works ideally. However, it comes with the price of your work/home life balance being put under strain. It is a given that productivity increases when you have your own quiet, dedicated space for work, especially when this is away from the lure of your sofa at home that is begging you to procrastinate.

By renting an office space, you are drawing a distinct separation between your work life and your life at home, therefore establishing a physical boundary between the two, minimising distractions and doing wonders for your sanity! There is nothing like that welcomed, satisfying feeling of a cup of tea in the comfort of your own home after a productive day in the office.

As well as the increase in productivity, a smart and organised office space speaks volumes about the service and dedication you present to your clients. Presenting a well-kept office means your customers can see the level of professionalism you have put into running your own business. This is particularly key when it comes to closing deals etc., and will ensure you stand out amongst other contenders who offer similar services to you, but from their bedrooms or a coffee shop rather than a smart, focused office.

But are you worrying about the added extras in terms of finance? The idea of paying out, on a monthly basis, to rent an office can, at first, seem daunting, but it is well worth considering that if you take on a rented office space, you can deduct the legitimate costs associated with that office space, including rent, utilities, stationery, office supplies and even cleaning.

Whereas when working from a home office, you are only able to claim for Simplified Expenses. This is a flat-rate of £26 per month for full-time home office usage, deducted from your revenue on your Self-Assessment tax return.

Working in an office space also allows you to connect with like-minded, business focused individuals. This can come in handy for making key partnerships; you meet and get to know people who may well be able to help you out within business, they may well choose to use your business to fulfil their requirements! A huge amount of collaborative business takes place within office spaces that very often ends up justifying the rent price within weeks.

Working alongside other professionals also offers freelancers the chance to share successes and confide in one another when things aren't going so well. Bouncing ideas back and forth, and looking out for one another is one of the best parts of renting an office space.

SiGNAL is an innovative workspace in Bordon designed to develop and nurture a local community of self-employed people and small businesses.

With current availability for affordable workspaces to rent, essential business services and award-winning business training to help local people build sustainable small businesses in East Hampshire.

With a selection of options available on a flexible basis, this is the ideal office space for those in the Bordon, Whitehill and surrounding area who are ready to take the next step in their professional freelancing ventures.  To arrange a virtual viewing, or to find out more, get in touch with our team today, we'd be happy to help.