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COVID 19 - the week it all went quiet
Monday 16th March 

All staff work on a continuity plan and then listen to the PM statement. 

BiZHUB TIP: write your continuity plan and keep updating it as the situation changes 

The PM asks for everyone with a cough or temperature to self isolate for 14 days ??" and adds that any family members of isolated individuals also need to self isolate. 

Restrictions on unnecessary travel are made and the PM advises people to work from home where possible.

Everyone to reduce social contact as much as possible and make sure that those with more serious health conditions are largely shielded from social contact for around 12 weeks.

Tuesday 17th March 

In the light of yesterday's announcements SiGNAL hold emergency staff meeting to discuss our continuity plan. How can we continue to support our residents and manage the BizHUB should we need to close our doors temporarily. 

We decide on a plan to reduce wages in order to keep everyone on the payroll. We watch the Chancellor's announcement of the emergency £350 billion package for small businesses. 

BizHUB TIP: Please see blog from BiZHUB member Andy Tree explaining these measures in simple clear language. 

Wednesday 18th March 

All day spent preparing communications to our customers and planning the new Virtual BiZHUB! 

Some of the team go into self isolation. We learn new Zoom webinar and meeting technology and practise remote meetings.  The PM announces that schools are to close this Friday and we make the decision reluctantly to close SiGNAL's main reception to coworkers from Monday 23rd March. Plans are made to have a remotely operated reception and to manage the buildings remotely in terms of security and health and safety compliance. We draw up a rota to speak to all our customers one by one over the next two days.

Thursday 19th March

This is now starting to feel like the longest week ever! 

Further restrictions are announced regarding travel and rumours circulate suggesting a complete lockdown is on its way. We start to speak to all our customers, all small businesses like us, many of whom are already losing clients rapidly and find themselves in an unthinkably precarious situation. 

We offer everyone 50% off their rent in April. We plan and rehearse Friday's new Virtual BiZHUB which goes surprisingly smoothly and end the day looking forward to the morning.