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Whitehill and Bordon

The Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration is an incredible local project aiming to successfully rebuild the town and create a modern development of shops, cafes, community space and workspace for small businesses to emerge and thrive. The undertaking is huge and the supportive teams behind this amazing project have been working hard for years to see them come into fruition. 
Despite setbacks with the Coronavirus pandemic, the team haven't slowed down this summer so, SiGNAL Radio caught up with 3 key players in the regeneration project to hear about their recent updates and thoughts on future plans. 
First up, our delightful hosts spoke to Project Lead, James Child about how he began working on the regeneration and what the people of Bordon should be getting excited about. 
Having previous regeneration experience in East London and Wiltshire, James approached this new project with a passion to re-build the town with the community, speaking to different groups of people to gain a better understanding of exactly what they want from their new town. 
So, what can we expect? 
The Maker's Market
Providing both indoor and outdoor space for local vendors, the new market will encourage the people of Bordon to support local businesses. With 16 stalls inside, market entertainment, events and a large outdoor space for 30-40 stalls, the Maker's Market will be the hub for local commerce. 
The Town Park 
This urban garden will be at the heart of town. James mentions just how important a nice outdoor space is for a community, particularly during the lockdown period as many of us have learnt to appreciate public outside spaces so much more. Keep your eyes out for a new play area and art installations. 

Watch our inteview with James Child below:

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Next up, our SiGNAL Radio hosts spoke to Emma Selby, SiGNAL's own Managing Director about her involvement with the project and how she's making sure that small businesses thrive in the new town centre. 
SiGNAL opened 2 years ago and has fast become the hub for small local businesses. Offering both a community for training, networking and flexible work spaces, SiGNAL has already been an integral part of re-building the town and making it the best place to run a small business. 
Emma says she's particularly excited for one aspect of the regeneration ??" the virtual town centre. So, what can we expect? 
The Virtual Town Centre 
This exciting new technology function will allow local businesses to thrive both online and in real life. With the option to 'let' a space in the virtual town centre, local vendors will be able to get visibility online without having to invest in bricks and mortar. This should help diversify the spectrum of local businesses in the town centre ??" both online and offline!
The Business Directory 
By providing an online record of all small businesses in Bordon, people will be able to search and find the services they need locally. It'll be easy to use and accessible to the people of Whitehill and Bordon so they can support their own community. 
Check out the show with Emma here > or visit follow SiGNAL on our socials to stay up to date with the latest local business news. 
Finally, we spoke to Martyna Cawdron, manager at The Bordon and Oakhanger Sports Centre (BOSC) about their amazing new facilities. Matyna is passionate about re-building the community through sports and family activities. 
So, what can we expect?
BOSC provides tennis courts, a cricket green, events space, and a dining area. We also celebrated the new pizza oven and BBQ available ??" which Martyna assures are 'the best in Bordon'! 
The Hogmore Café 
Serving an array of delicious savoury and sweet treats ??" this café is perfect place to take your family for lunch or for an afternoon catch up with friends. 
Everyone at BOSC and the Hogmore Café are keen that these facilities become the perfect places to re-build the community spirit and bring the people of Bordon together post Covid-19. 
To find out more, you can watch the full interview here > or check out their Facebook page >
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