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Do you know how to tell a prospect about your business without getting muddled, selling yourself short or sounding salesy?

It's such a hard thing to get right, isn’t it.

The bad news for all you business owners is that it’s one of the very few things that you cannot delegate!

You must have a value proposition that your customers understand, and that you feel comfortable delivering.

If you aren’t happy with your proposition, then you will avoid speaking about your business to prospects! Or you will sell yourself short. And that is fatal.

So, here’s an idea for you this Valentine’s Day:
Forget rehearsed 'pitches' and 'value propositions'. Let’s get romantic, passionate, and involved! Let’s all learn how to propose to our customers. Let’s call it a 'customer proposal'.

It takes courage, self-belief, and preparation to propose to someone, doesn’t it?
You must go all in to convince them that the very best thing they can do that day is to commit the rest of their lives to you.

You must be able to declare without a doubt that you are the one they have been searching for all their lives. You alone are the answer to all their problems. You’ll keep them safe.

You'll make them happy beyond their wildest dreams. You'll guarantee their security for all the years to come.

‘Proposing’ is exactly what you need to be able to do for your customers.

Work out what they really want and position yourself as the person that will take care of their needs a million times better than anyone else could.

Have your customer proposal ready for interested prospects at all times!

Your customer proposal could end on a note something like this:

“Work with me…. and you will always have peace of mind”.
“Work with me…. and free up more time with your family”.
“Work with me… and never worry about your money again”.
What are your customers really looking for? Health? Happiness? Security? Time? Money?
How will you propose to them?

Happy Valentines Day ?