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Why we love making a plan for the New Year!

It's 2020 and the team at SiGNAL are buzzing! Yep, we're seriously pumped for 2020 even if the bags under our eyes tell a different story...

Back at the end of 2019 at the last BiZHUB session of the year we announced all the changes we're putting in place to make SiGNAL BiZHUB even better: and now these exciting changes are coming into effect! (There's a summary of all the new benefits and additions at the bottom of this post.) 

It's taken quite a bit of planning to launch the new look BiZHUB and coincidentally that's the theme of this month's Hub content: Planning for 2020. 

Click here for details of our events this month. 

One thing I've learned is that it's almost impossible to make significant changes to your business and achieve your targets without planning. Yes, we can all wing it up to a point, or make snap decisions that have a positive impact, but if you want to really make a long-term difference planning is essential.  

How to make a great plan and stick to it

If that sounds like a boring, arduous admin task, it doesn't have to be. A business plan, whether it's a 5-10 year plan or just for this quarter, can be exciting. It's a chance to set out what you want to achieve, set some realistic targets and a clear plan to get there. If your goals are to increase income or revenue, expand your team, launch in a new market, develop a product or service, or any other positive steps in your small business ??" it's exciting. 

That's why the team at SiGNAL has started the new year feeling upbeat and focussed: we've got big plans and we know what we need to do to get there! 

So if 2019 didn't quite live up to expectations, if you didn't do as well as you had hoped and don't want to make the same mistakes again; planning will give you focus.  

That's what our first session at SiGNAL BiZHUB in 2020 will help you with. On Friday 10th January, business mentor Adrian Brown will deliver training to help you find your focus and make a plan you can stick to. This session is about goal setting and will teach you a simple strategy to achieve them.  Book here.

Then, on Friday 17th January it's our new inspiration session and a unique chance to get £24,000 worth of business training in 60 minutes! Becoming a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is probably not on your to do list for 2020 because you've got to earn a living, you haven't got time to go back to school. But this business qualification can really help you understand how to run your small business and optimise your systems and infrastructure for success.  

Our BiZHUB session with business teacher and leadership coach, Peter Messevy condenses the MBA into a format that small business owners and the self-employed can apply without investing time and money in certification. With Peter's insights and tips you'll be in the best possible shape to achieve your 2020 goals and develop your plans further. For more details and booking please click here. 

Our 2020 plans for the SiGNAL BiZHUB

If you missed the last BiZHUB of 2019 and news of all the changes, here's how we're transforming the Hub in 2020: 

New chairs! We've taken on board feedback from members and regular attendees about the wooden chairs. They looked cool and were a fun project when we painted them back at the launch of SiGNAL, but they were very uncomfortable. We've now got new chairs that will make your Hub experience a lot better. 

Friday is the new Hub day. We polled members to find out what their preferred day for working on their business is, and Friday was the most popular. We hope that by ending the week with a morning of business training, inspiration and insights it will be easier to apply what you've learned before returning to work on Monday. 

Member Spotlights. We're introducing a monthly Member Spotlight session where Hub members will have an opportunity to talk about what they do, and they're plans for their business. This will be a chance to find out more about other people in the local business community and potentially do business with them. It's also a chance to learn from them ??" everyone has experience they can share that will help other people grow. 

Mastermind sessions. We will continue with our Mini-Mastermind sessions at the end of the month, with more focus on applying information from the key content session in your business. This is a chance to get unstuck as well as having time to start implementing actions. We're also introducing a new paid-for Mastermind session for 6 people. This will be a highly focused and longer session for people who want to make significant progress in their business. Space is filling up fast for this Mastermind so contact us today if you want to take part. 

Networking opportunities. The SiGNAL BiZHUB is not a networking group, although everyone makes connections organically by turning up and joining in. However, SiGNAL does belong to the Yacht London which is an exclusive professional networking group. We'll be taking Hub members to these events in future as well as other more local networking events. 

Quarterly reviews. When members join the SiGNAL BiZHUB they attend a Business Growth meeting to discuss their goals and what they want to achieve, so we can provide them with tailored advice and opportunities. We'll now be following up this initial meeting with reviews every 3 months to see how things are going and how we can help to keep members on track.  

Expert 1-2-1s. Many Hub members have asked for more 1-2-1s with the experts. As part of our new look Friday Hub, we will be opening up the boardroom to all attendees following the morning training session with our team on hand to help with everything from marketing to using Excel. Our guest speakers and trainers may also be available to hold 1-2-1s to help you apply your new skills. 

BiZHUB Buddy Scheme: We're introducing a buddy scheme to help you get more out of the Hub. Members will be paired up with a compatible member to offer each other support, accountability and even companionship. After the main Hub meeting on Friday we'll be running a collaboration session where buddies can work together, set targets and check in on each other's progress. 

Freebies. At SiGNAL our goal is to help build sustainable businesses in Whitehill & Bordon. Part of that means providing affordable services, so we don't eat into your profits too much and you get good value for money. We also like to help out as much as possible with some freebies so in 2020 we're giving Hub members free access to our boardroom for client meetings and other business activities* and free black and white printing and copying. You already get free tea & coffee, coworking and WiFi! 

There are a few other new developments in the pipeline that you'll hear about soon. So watch this space! I hope you agree that the new look BiZHUB is very exciting: if you haven't been before or not for a while, please come and experience it for yourself. Details of all the sessions can be found here. 

*Terms apply