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The working world as we know it is in a huge transitionary period. Many people's working environments have changed and job security is at an all-time low causing some people to consider taking the leap into self-employment.  

During these times, changing your career can seem incredibly daunting, particularly when becoming self-employed and 'going it alone'. But one of the great things about self-employment is that you're not alone: you're perhaps even more supported than you were with your employer if you surround yourself with a community of like-minded people.  

For our BiZHUB members, having a local business community was a lifeline during the first stages of their new career venture and still remains now. During a recent spotlight session at the Hub which champions our member's' insights, Liz Foxon recalled transitioning from the corporate world to becoming self-employed. We asked Liz what one piece of advice she wished she had been given when starting her journey;

"I would've joined a network earlier to help build up my presence and confidence… to me, you've got to start local". 

Similarly, Angie Brown advises those starting out to take stock of what they know and be open to improving their knowledge through others. She said, 

"You know what you want to do, and what you want to provide, but you don't know how to run a business ??" it's so important to network and learn from other people's experiences".

At the BiZHUB, we know just how vital it is to have the right information, advice and community support as a business owner or entrepreneur. Whether it's a new venture or you feel like your business needs a fresh perspective, SiGNAL BiZHUB offers an amazing network of like-minded people ready to learn and share.  

As part of the community, our members receive education, support and personalised advice as well as weekly events and regular workshops designed to help you grow your business in a sustainable way and connect with the support you need. 

We know how important it is for you to hear from our members, so we asked them, 'What is so valuable about the BiZHUB?'

"Since starting in January, I've attended all the Mastermind sessions and they're so valuable! Every month there's something of value for your business; worksheets, support, advice!" Angie Brown

"There's always a wealth of knowledge and information available. Talking to others and attending BiZHUB events have been invaluable." Sue Carne

"You need that back-end information from hearing different people's opinions and experiences. You can't do everything yourself and BiZHUB is a great place to find people who can help and support you." Liz Foxon

For us, this community of like-minded career driven individuals is so important for helping our local businesses thrive in Bordon.

If you're interested in joining our local business community, why not come along to a SiGNAL BiZHUB session to find out more?

Your first visit is free so it's a great opportunity to meet our business community, experience the Hub for yourself and decide whether you like the combination of expert business training and friendly business support. Click here to book a session >