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2021 ??" Your top 5

In another year of ups and downs, lockdowns, and events, we’ve had 12 months of sharing business advice from local experts, in BiZHUB with our wonderful array of guest speakers, and with blogs that have been carefully crafted by our in-house team, or with guest authors and contributors.

But what did you learn this year?

Here are our top 5 blogs, as voted by you, the most-read articles from our website this year, followed by our Top 5 BiZHUB Sessions!

Top 5 blogs:


How to start a holistic therapy business in East Hampshire

A rather specific topic but one that has proven popular, perhaps due to the niche advice and keyword approach.

Whilst the title is targeted at a specific business type, the advice can be applied to all businesses. However, if you have considered setting up a therapy business this year, this is the perfect blog for you!

Why Bordon is rapidly becoming the best place to set up in business

As you’ll hopefully know by now, we’re big champions of local business. As Bordon’s hub for business learnings, we’ve long known it’s a superb place to set up a business, but with the ongoing development, the launch of The Shed this year, and more new homes in the town, we’ve seen some truly fantastic growth and lots more businesses starting in Bordon!

This blog highlights exactly why Bordon really is THE place to start a business.

5 ways collaboration can help you grow your business

We’re big fans of people helping people, and businesses helping businesses. Not only can you learn from each other, but there are so many benefits to collaborative business. This blog looks at just 5 ways collaboration could help you to achieve your growth plans for 2022. A few of our BiZHUB members are taking collaboration to the next level with a new business venture coming up in the new year.

Low budget marketing ideas for self-employed and small businesses

Marketing is something all businesses know they need to do, but not necessarily how to do it. Our in-house marketing team shared just a few ideas of how to market your business on a low budget, but with high impact. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level in 2022, why not give one of these a try…

Covid-19: Business continuity planning for one wo(man) bands

Whilst this was our second year of facing the business challenges that Covid-19 has brought our way, this blog certainly struck a chord with many of our readers.

By now, many of you will have either had covid, or known someone who has. This blog, published early in 2021, shared some key advice for making sure your business has a strategy in place should you fall ill yourself. Can you continue to support your customers, do you have a back-up plan? Writing a business continuity plan can help you to minimise any impact from unexpected events…



Top 5 BiZHUB sessions:


At the start of the year, BiZHUB continued online, and our heartfelt thanks to everyone who continued to come along and make the events a real success. We were joined by some great guest speakers and benefited from their expert advice. When we were able to, we finally returned to in-person events, with an all-new venue at the BOSC, it was great to see so many people in a safe environment, and whilst our final BiZHUB of the year has had to be postponed due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, we’ve had some fantastic sessions… here were your favourites.


Start Winning at Social Media 

Our marketing and social media focused sessions were certainly some of the most popular of the year. Hosted by Fruitful Marketing’s James Wright, this session looked at some easy wins across the social media platforms, and how to embrace some ongoing trends and make the most of this excellent marketing tool for your business.

Marketing, what’s new?

A question that has a new answer every few months, but back in April, our Marketing expert Vicky Jarman hosted a fantastic Zoom BiZHUB sharing some great ideas, with some local examples of best practice, and a really engaging Q&A. The second guest speaker, Jason from Alton’s Ten Tun Tap House, shared his thoroughly inspiring start-up story, having opened the doors to his bar just days before the first lockdown.

5 Reasons your business should be on Instagram

Our resident Instagram expert, Ellie Howkins, presented a great workshop style BiZHUB, helping all attendees get to grips with the best features available on Instagram to ensure your business is well-presented, engaging, and wide-reaching. Check out our Instagram profile to find a selection of videos and tips from Ellie.

Become a Marketing Master with Olly Lynch

One of our more recent events, Olly brought us up to speed with some fantastic ideas to try. He shared his top tips, some practical guidance, and a real enthusiasm for the topic. As an experienced marketer, having worked with international brands, Olly was a great addition to our line-up of speakers this year.

Government contracts: A guide for small businesses

The world of Government procurement offers lucrative contracts for those that are appointed, but understanding the processes and opportunities available can be challenging. We were extremely fortunate to have been joined by Martin Traynor - Crown Representative to SME’s who shared some words of wisdom and a “how to” when it comes to applying for Government contracts.

With the launch of the SiGNAL Studio at The Shed, the return of in-person events (albeit temporarily for now), new premises at Chieftain House and some great work with new local businesses, it’s certainly been an exciting year here at SiGNAL. We’ll be back with a bang in January for the return of Jumpstart January and a new calendar of events to look forward to throughout the year.