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2023 is coming to an end and it’s been a busy one as always!  


  • We have almost 100 members in the SiGNAL BiZHUB community!  
  • We remain 100% occupied across all sites!  
  • We celebrated our 5th year in business with a fabulous party 
  • We held 12 sensationally good business networking events  
  • AND to cap it all we won the Silver Award for Best Networking Group in the UK, at the SME Nationals  


In case you missed any, here is a list of our amazing guest speakers - why not link in with them, if you haven’t already   



  • Karen Skidmore - Founder of Grow Strong Business, whose talk emphasised that growth flows naturally rather than being forced - a refreshing perspective in a world often obsessed with the hustle and bustle mentality. 


  • Paul Newton  - Mental Theft - an international keynote speaker who knows how to make cyber security both deeply interesting and magically entertaining! 


  • Mark Robson CBII - New Dawn Pubs - Mark told his story ‘From Bar to Boardroom, the Ups and Downs of a Life in Pubs’. A story of resourcefulness and survival in a challenging industry, Mark’s keynote resonated strongly with other business owners and leaders in the room. 


  • Emma Jones - founder of Enterprise Nation - known for several books including Spare Room Start Up and Working 5 to 9 among others, Emma is a tour de force and ardent champion of small business owners as well as being former Crown Representative for SMEs to parliament and UKTI Ambassador. 


  • Richard Woods of Million Dollar Sprint Club - Richard is known for being a finalist in the BBC’s The Apprentice as well as for being a talented digital marketer, business mentor, owner of The Million Dollar Sprint Club and author of The Digital Trailblazer and other business titles. 


  • Sebastien Elwell - FPFS - co-founder of Switchfoot Wealth and Accounting and a champion of B-Corps. Sebastian has a wealth of knowledge around ethical investing and asks the challenging question: What is the single most powerful thing you can do as an individual and business owner to help rescue the planet? 


  • Martin Traynor OBE - Crown Representatives for SMEs 

Martin has a long history of working with local, region, and central government on economic development, regulatory reform, and procurement. His current job is to represent SMEs and small business to parliament making him a very useful person to know! 


  • James Gross - founder of Urban Place Labs - a ‘breakaway development consultancy’.  

James has a simple message: Embrace change, redefine the lens through which you see place and chance, and yield to something truly amazing. Replant the seeds of urban growth today and reap the harvest of regenerated communities tomorrow. 
Challenge those around you to do likewise... 


  • Damian Hinds  Minister of State for Prisons, Parole and Probation 27/10/22-13/11/23 

As the Minister of State for Prisons, Parole and Probation, Damian spoke passionately about current labour shortage issues and the crossover with prison over population and the issue of ex-offenders who would be less likely to reoffend if employed. 



What we wrote about in 2023:   


Here are our top 5 blogs, as voted by you, the most-read articles from our website this year: Some surprises!  


Top 5 blogs: 


  1. TikTok Made Me Do It 

We talk about why TikTok isn’t just for teenagers. Many companies are using TikTok as a sales platform, but not by using ads but by using engaging content.  


There is an undeniable generational divide now, but this is diminishing, week by week. TikTok is no longer a passing trend, it's here to stay, so might now be the time to try it for your business? Take a look at the four main categories for TikTok videos! 


  1. The benefits of a business mailbox for your home office 


Did you know Signal offer a business mailbox service for your business?  


In this blog we list the 7 benefits of having a business mailbox which include the convenience of not having to wait in for deliveries and sounding more professional than using your home address. 


  1. Why Bordon is Rapidly Becoming the Best Place to Set Up in Business 


This was featured in The Bordon Herald in 2021 and was featured in our top 5 most read blogs that year, however, 2 years later it is still in the top 5! 


We talk about how the collaboration between the developers of the new Bordon town centre, the Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company, WBRC, and local business owners has turned Bordon into a town of real business opportunity and innovation.  


For those thinking of moving to the area for personal and/or business reasons, this may persuade you! 


  1. Commercial Leases: Unleash Your Negotiation Skills 


Are you getting ready to secure the perfect lease deal that suits your business needs? 


If so, this blog gives you three powerful tips to ensure you get the right deal plus a Commercial Lease Negotiation Checklist. Perfect for arming you with the knowledge and confidence to secure the perfect commercial lease agreement for your business! 


  1. 5 ways collaboration can help you grow your small business. 


At SiGNAL, we’re big fans of people helping people, and businesses helping businesses. Not only can you learn from each other, but there are so many benefits to collaborative business. This blog looks at just 5 ways collaboration could help you to achieve your growth plans in the new year. 


As we bid farewell to 2023, we look back at the lessons learned, the challenges overcome, and the successes celebrated.  


We move forward into 2024 with renewed enthusiasm and a deepened sense of purpose, ready to embrace new opportunities, foster further collaboration, and continue our journey of growth and innovation.  


Here's to a 2024 filled with connection and growth opportunities plus a fair wind for business owners everywhere